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Bringing the beloved Palava Times back in an all new e-avatar.

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Empowering Students: Lodha World Schools Palava

The joy of learning something new is exciting and when it is a new language, it becomes empowering. The happiness of teaching is fulfilling and when it is to your peers, it becomes humbling. Over 100 students from Palava’s neighbouring village, Khoni, and teachers and students of Lodha World School, Lakeshore Greens experienced an array of these emotions as they came together for ‘Read to Lead’, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative guided by Lodha’s vision of building a better life.

Held at the Khoni village government school on the last weekend of July, the inaugural session of ‘Read to Lead’ began with the 15 SEWA student volunteers of Lodha World School, Lakeshore Greens, performing an insightful street play to explain the importance and joy of reading. This was followed by some hula-hoops team games and the distribution of Reading Literacy Tool Kits. The students from Khoni excitedly explored the tool kit that included flashcards, picture books, building blocks, storybooks (levels 1,2 & 3), worksheets, writing instruments (pencils, erasers, crayons), colours and drawing sheets! In addition to the fun and games, accompanying teachers from Lodha World School, Lakeshore Greens instructed the village students on how to solve the English worksheet while the SEWA volunteers helped them through it.

And at the far end of two hours, Meera Ramanathan, Principal, Lodha World School, Lakeshore Greens, made a special announcement that led to a crescendo of applause and cheer. She announced the opening of the school library to the village children; they could visit the school and access all the books they would like to read and also be a part of group reading sessions with her school students. She says, “I will always remember the expression of delight on those young faces. It was a touching moment indeed. They aspire to become doctors and teachers, they are curious to learn to better their lives, and I am glad we can fulfil their wishes.”

The ‘Reading for Literacy’ programme aims to make reading accessible to underprivileged school students from the Zilla Parishad. The village students will periodically visit the school in Palava, and after the initial school tour, will have open access to the school’s library and its group reading sessions.

Would you, too, want to volunteer to join this programme to help students read better? If yes, please do reach out to the Palava City Management Association for further details.

After all, like said by a little one from Khoni, Padhega India, toh badhega India!

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